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Learn to type fast! really fast! and it will even be fun...
Learning is fun with school environment. Compete friends on the race track while you actually practice typing. Fight zombie dinosaurs with the ninja cat while you actually practice typing. Jam with our band while you actually practice typing. This is for REAL and not all!!!

The virtual class allows your teacher to monitor your typing skill progress. Oh... and don't forget... ask your teacher to register the class for the Typing World Championship for Classes which is held 3 times a year.


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1. 5th hour /City: Cache / Score:14051
2. 1st hour /City: Cache / Score:12216
3. 3rd hour /City: Cache / Score:11976
4. 4th hour /City: Cache / Score:11852
5. 6aq1 /City: Ooltewah / Score:10969
6. 7th hour /City: Cache / Score:10904
Championship Ends in 9 days

Nov 2013:

Class name: src8 City: Shawnee

April 2013:

Class name: 7mm2nd City: Kansas City

Nov 2012:

Class name: cache 3rd hour City: Cache

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